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I do not understand why now my score goes down, it is assumed that if you do not know the expiration date of the coupon you must place 4 weeks, because that is how I do my job, and they also fine me by saying: the agreement expired or a date of incorrect expiration during creation.
Even when? Someone explain me.
Already my level after very high, low to zero, I cost a lot, then I work to raise it and there is not a day that I am not fined, to raise it will cost me a lot.
I expect a quick response to improve my work. Thank you!


Delvalle Carvajal Please review the penalty notifications as the team outlines what you did incorrectly, including not labeling referral codes and incorrect expiration date.


Jimmy Doheny
I have been placing the due date for a month and they still fine me by telling me The agreement expired or an incorrect due date was added during the creation. I have to be a fortune-teller to know exactly the expiration date, there are codes that do not say it, that's why I post the month and they still fine me. It is unfair.


Delvalle Carvajal the expiration date of the codes is now one month, read the guide why they have been changing some things