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Help please, Influencer waiting

Good evening, I can not run campaigns, my score and / or influencer session was removed from my user account, I'm preparing my social accounts to establish a better way to promote campaigns, when I can access my activities in the Influencer Marketplace, I am eager to start my campaigns.

Paul Reina

Sara Elizabeth Alcántara Ramos I´m a victim of the same bug, I lost my influencer score. I was waiting for a campaing that I have applied, now I can´t do anything as an influencer.


Sara Elizabeth Alcántara Ramos Hi All, unfortunately the team removed the influencer status of some users as we are focusing on influencers in locations that our brands are interested in: US and some EU.

I apologize about the confusion and we'll be sure to notify users once we open up the locations more.




Jimmy Doheny Good afternoon that's what I do not understand, even though the United States is not my housing location, I'm interested in being a brand influence person for the United States and some EU countries. I have an address so that they can send me anything that wins me through the campaigns.