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Jessica Hi. For this deal, https://dealspotr.com/deal/-ds-25-off-40-or-more-at-oshkosh-bgoshhfj this one was not penalized and I still see your validation. This is the screenshot for this deal. https://dealspotr-images.s3.amazonaws.com/promotion-validation/-ds-25-off-40-or-more-at-oshkosh-bgoshhfj/ab269049-846d-476f-b2ee-db0451d30b4a.jpg . Then this deal was flag with screenshot issues. https://dealspotr.com/deal/-ds-25-off-40-or-more-at-oshkosh-bgoshck0 . and the screenshot of this deal is this. https://dealspotr-images.s3.amazonaws.com/promotion-validation/-ds-25-off-40-or-more-at-oshkosh-bgoshck0/475d0972-fc21-4989-9551-d8ae286deefe.jpg . So as You can see, The other was not penalize but the other was Flagged. Take a look at your screenshot. They are 100% identical. You Just use the same screenshot you used from the other deal you created. Screenshots have different links so it means they came from different dealpost that you made. But Why is that your screenshot was 100% identical? Which infact You can include the code on your screenshot if you really want to. Right? I am not sure if you intentionally did not include the code on your screenshot to so you can use the same screenshot on your your different deal post. Just sayin....