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Angel Palmares The screenshot must be in US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, or Austrailian dollars.

Daniel Star

Dealspotr Support
Greetings. I've always wanted to know why publications are not removed in currencies not accepted. For example, I have seen validations from stores where it is only processed in rupees. If this currency is not accepted in the Dealspotr community, why are they kept there? Like other publications where the error is minimal as a letter or phrase in the tip. If those publications are penalized, they should be removed and give the opportunity for someone else to publish them without errors. It's a suggestion. Thank you


Daniel Star Hi there! Thank you for the suggestions, I will pass them along to the team. We cannot currently moderate all deals that our users post, so sometimes problems slip through the cracks. If a deal is rejected by our moderators, it won't show up on Dealspotr. If there were any deals that you can see where there are incorrect pieces, they did not show up in moderation because that user has a higher Accuracy Score.