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How do you get your influencer score up?

I am new here and have only been accpeted an have completed one promotion. The others that I've applied for have not gotten back to me and then they've expired. I see a new promotion that I'd LOVE to promote on my site. It is the prefect fit, only my influencer score isn't high enough to even apply for it. Bummer. I'm trying to do more promotions to get my score up, but it's hard.


Jodi House Hi Jodi, thanks for reaching out! The best way to increase your score is to increase your engagement. By that, I mean when your social media posts and/or YouTube and blog content get a lot more likes, comments, shares, and views, your score will go up. If one of your YouTube videos gets a ton of views and shares, that will increase your influence score. Also, if your Instagram gets a ton more followers who engage with your content frequently, your score will go up. A slower way to increase your score is to complete campaigns. That takes more time, so we always say the best and fastest way to have a higher influence score is just to increase your organic engagement on your social platforms. The more engagement you get, the higher your score will be! Hope that helps!