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How Do You Save on Vacation?

Share your best tips for keeping your vacation costs down. How do you save on food, lodgings and fun?


Erin Huffstetler Some vacation spots offer coupon books, brochures, etc. that contain coupons that can save you money on dining, local attactions, etc. For instance, if you're vacationing in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, TN, you'll find these coupon books located in the shops, restaurants, hotels/motels, rest areas, etc.


Erin Huffstetler Groupon! Also, I'm a very last-minute person - there's an app called Hotels Tonight that has great rates for hotels available in the coming week or so.


Erin Huffstetler Look up the local tourism or city website for where you are going. They like to send tourists free magazines with all the sites to see (nature trails, waterparks, zoos, hotels, restaurants, etc) and they're filled with coupons too. I'm heading to Hot Springs, Arkansas and they sent me a good sized magazine of all the tourist sites and trails.


Erin Huffstetler I make lists before we go. That way we aren't having to pick things up on the road which always cost more. Also, check with the hotel once you get there - they often times can tell you how to save on attractions.

Erin Huffstetler I cook! I'll stay in a place with a kitchen (timeshares that rent out nightly are usually good, affordable options as well as AirBnB) and make my own food, at least for breakfast and lunch. For dinners, I'll usually checkout Groupon or Restaurants.com for discounts.