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How long does a brand have to approve content?

I submitted my content two weeks ago and they have not denied or approved it. It has been on my site for two weeks now, without my compensation. How long do they have to approve before I just get paid automatically?


Tessa Smith Hi Tessa! Merchants have 14 days to edit/approve your campaign. After 14 days, our team makes sure each campaign is approved. Please reach out again once 14 days has gone by if you still haven't heard from them. Thank you!


@andieschilstra OK thank you! We are at a little over a week now, so I will make a note to check again in another week.


@andieschilstra Who do we reach out to if it's been over 14 days? I have a promotion that has been sitting for over 14 days. I reached out to the merchant with no reply.