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Milky Pear

Emily Helwig could you delete my account too?


Dealspotr Support Hi, could you delete my account as well, please? I just don't use it as much as I thought I would with my blog or social media. Thanks!


Amanda Hi Amanda! Absolutely. I had a question first, did you end up ever taking a look at the new Dealspotr Marketplace? It might be something helpful for you if you do sponsored posts on your blog (basically, it's a database of available sponsored campaigns from brands that will pay you upfront for your work). I just wanted to make sure you saw the Marketplace before I deactivated your account :)


Dealspotr Support Hi Dealspotr. Yes, I saw the new marketplace but I haven't found any sponsored posts or campaigns that are a nice fit for my blog since I joined, and neither I do work with so many affiliate links in my blog posts to use the promo codes. I think the platform is very useful and has a great concept but, it's not really a nice fit for me :( Thanks!!


Amanda Okay Amanda, thanks for the feedback! I'll for sure share that with the team, and I'll deactivate your account as well. We're sorry to see you go!


Dealspotr Support I mailed you regarding deleting account. Please help me to delete my account. I don't see any option to do under settings.


Dealspotr Support could you please delete my account as well? I don't use it as much as I originally thought and no longer need the account. Thank you.


Dealspotr Support Can you delete my account please. I joined this thinking I would have the opportunity to work with brands. I have a few thousand followers on instagram but not one company has responded to my applications and I've had zero opportunities so tbh I find this website useless!

Emma McCaw

Dealspotr Support Hi there, could you deactivate my account, please? I'm from the UK and don't find any of the campagins suitable for me.



Nikki Green

Dealspotr Support I would like to delete my account as well. Is there a way to do this myself or does it have to go through you?