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How to properly identify and add Personal Referral Codes

Dealspotr users: we have noticed users experiencing some confusion around properly identifying and labeling “personal referral codes”. Here are a few pointers to properly identify if a code is a personal referral code, to help you avoid losing points on your account.

  • Most referral codes are formatted with a name and sometimes a number after it. An example of this is “Jimmy10” for 10% off.
  • Check the Dealspotr merchant page to see if they have other Social & Referral Codes. This can help you identify how they are formatted.
  • Check the merchant’s website to see if they offer an Ambassador or Referral program

Many users are incorrectly labeling codes by not labeling them as Personal Referral Codes. Like any deal posting activity on Dealspotr, adding deals with errors or improper labels will result in a deduction in points.

If you would like to gauge the potential point payout for each deal type for a store, please use the Deal Posting Projects: https://dealspotr.com/projects. Projects are a great way to find stores that need codes and you earn even more points by finding them!

Jimmy Doheny I think that changes as radical as changes in the dates of expiration of the codes should be announced in advance and a message should be sent to each user informing him of the changes made to avoid a massive penalty as is happening at this time!


Daniel Star These are not new changes, they have always been the policy of our site and point system. We wanted to highlight this for our users so they can avoid any penalities.


Jimmy Doheny I was referring to that now it should be placed a minimum one month expiration instead of 2 weeks. Several users have told me that they have been penalized for that


Jimmy Doheny Then, how do we do it? Most of the codes are for personal use and the guide says to avoid publishing coupon codes for single or personal use.


Jimmy Doheny
At the moment I am going to reactivate, I get 0 points, if I put that is a personal reference codes .. What do I do in that case?

Yessi Gal

Jimmy Doheny

All coupons down a name like for example lucy, lucy(XX), refbylucy, makebylucy amb-lucy and another format with a name in coupon is referral code

Some referral codes is down a name from the store like "namestore///lucy" or "lucy.1089".

All coupons with a name on typing is referral.

Coupons like "save10" "email10" "welcome" "save" "friends" "family" "black" "cyber" "monday" and another with a promotion typing(NO NAMES) are normal coupons codes.


Yessi Gal Thanks friend. the new expiration date is for all coupons? or only with the reference codes?


Jimmy Doheny 4 weeks or a month friend? (4 weeks = 28 days, 1 month = may vary each month.)


Jimmy Doheny Good morning, most of the coupons that we have on the page are of names that is to say they are personal reference code, how are we going to work? if when placing the deal as a personal referential code, they do not give us any points, We want a prompt response and solution, because it is unfair the fines that they are giving us. Thank you.


Jimmy Doheny Ok, I understand what a reference code means ... I just say that at the moment the code is reactivated, they do not award points for that! When they should give points!


Jimmy Doheny Oops! Your validation: Get 20% Off Your Order at Basic Lace (Site-Wide) was flagged for the following reason: Personal referral code undisclosed during the deal creation. Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations!

they got me down a lot, they all come out that way


Joan Jose Quintero Alcala Your deal rep score is too low. Please follow the deal posting guidelines and read through the notifications that the moderation team has sent you. This will help you avoid future penalities and grow your deal rep score so you can redeem for gift cards.


Jimmy Doheny So, now whats the limit of "referral codes" per store? Also 30, as site-wide? I would like to know that now before I get a unfair invalidation for posting a "referral code" on a store that u considerate is "full" or whatever u want to call it.


Jimmy Doheny

Oops! Your validation: Up to 25% Off Selected Items at Backcountry was flagged for the following reason: No direct link provided / cannot locate deal. Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! - view your deal - View our deal posting guidelines for more details.


Explain please because us flagged my publication .


Daniel Ferreo It doesn't look like you included a direct link to the deal and the moderation team was not able to find the deal when visiting the website. Please make sure to provide direct links when possible so shoppers can also find the deal.