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How to submit campaign post?

Hi! I just need to know how to send a merchant my campaign post that I wrote up for them? I finished my end of the deal, posted it on my blog today. But don't I need to send back the proof to them somehow? I just can find anything about this in my Dealspotr account.


Barbara Fava

Tarissa Graves hello! You need to go on your campaigns page, and on the page of campaigns awaiting's influencer response, find the brand, and click on I've completed this promotion submit it for review.

It will open you a page where you can copy and past the link to your blog, the other two links to the social networks and probably you will have also to like and share the deal here on dealspotr.

Once you are done with this, just click submit and the brand will receive a message stating that you submitted the content.

Hope it helps!

andy nagelin

Barbara Fava Hi, I'm good with submitting my blog post and twitter post.

How do you add the link to your FaceBook post?

I've been pinning my product review to the top of my FB page and just submitting my FB link.

I know there must be a way to submit a link to a specific FB post.


andy nagelin I'm also dealing with that at the moment as sometimes it doesn't allow me to copy the link. My blog normally goes also on Twitter and LinkedIn so I share those.


Barbara Fava Where do you find the link to a FB post? As I mentioned, I pin the post and submit my FB link.

I don't post to LinkedIn since I use that for my day job.