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I do not understand

Good, I took the time to read in the forums that there are many delays in the delivery of the Amazon gift card, I do not understand why the page time there was a season in which they delivered the card overnight, then they changed to two working days now they delay it to almost a week, I see it super unfair .. the idea is that there is compression of both parts. or if only this will be for a short time due to system problems or the deliveries will be so long for a gif card.


Elec I'm sorry to hear your frustrations. We're doing some internal changes that have caused the gift cards to be slightly delayed. You will receive your gift cards soon!


Dealspotr Support Regards, Totally agree, let's hope it's temporary because it would really be unfair for this team because we dedicate time, day by day working here.


Ldgc Thank you for your concern! I'll be sure to share it with the team.


Elec We are not employeed by Dealspotr so it should be understandable that gift cards/PayPal payments are not sent automatically and sometimes are delayed for various reasons. I know that it can be frustrating, especially when you have something in mind that you're wanting to buy with your reward. Ultimately, Dealspotr payments are rewards and not wages. They aren't issuing us paychecks.