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I don't know why they keep eliminating my points... explain me @toriadavid

What's wrong with re-activating codes? I don't understand


Jacob Hi, there is nothing wrong with reactivating codes. Is there a particular deal you are referring to? If so, please provide a link.


Dealspotr Support I want to say that the points have already been deleted twice in my account. The first time the points were removed, I ignored the reason and started again. And, for the second time, I almost always reactivated codes and eliminated points again ... That's why I ask: what happens with the reactivation of the codes in my account and what is the specific reason for my last penalty?


Jacob Point deductions are explained in the "All Notifications" tab of your profile page. To get here you must first click on your profile pic in the top right-hand corner of the site. Then click "My points & gift cards." Now click "Notifications." Lastly, select "All Notifications."

It looks like you received an "Edit is Invalid" message because the changes you made to the existing deal were not significant.


Jacob my score accuracy from +4 to 0 and without any notifications i am so disappointed!