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Why did my accuracy score decrease?

I've been validating deals for some days, I was level 7 and I didn't get more validations, and I just got level down to 5. I checked my points activity to see if I got penalized or something like that but I don't see anything bad or any penalization. Can you help me out please?

Emily Helwig
Emilio R. Hey Emilio! Are you talking about points or accuracy score? You can see any reasons that your accuracy score was adjusted here: https://dealspotr.com/dashboard?view=all They will be notated with a red icon. Let me know if this is what you are talking about!

Emily Helwig Accuracy Score. I just checked today and I got a penalization, apparently I had to refresh it. I saw my error. Thank you so much Emily Helwig ;). When I get Accuracy Score "8" will I be able to make 5 validations per day?

Emily Helwig

Emilio R. I forget the exact number, but as your accuracy score gets higher, you'll be able to post more and more deals! And when you get to 30, it's unlimited :)