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I received a Point Adjustment. I don't understand

Hi everybody, I have been using dealspotr for a while and I never had a problem but today when I entre in my account i saw the notification that I got this adjustment. I don't understand why is this for because I've done all work well and I were waiting for the gift card but now I have 4000 points less and the gift card a asked is not in my email and also mi accuracy is down.

Don't know what's the problem, I want an explanation because this does not have any sense.


Margaret Bruce

And in the notification you don't tell any reason. This is a lack of respect because I spent a lot of time in front of the PC to earn those points.


Margaret Bruce No and that you had no problem with the points and this page was good that we complained? Instant Karma ...

Rachel B.

Margaret Bruce I got the same message this week, except I lost 5,000 points. I don't understand either what I did wrong.


Margaret Bruce Hello! The reasons for possible point deductions can be found under "some examples of this are:" In your case, the reason your account was penalized was "excessive confirming, editing, or reativation patterns to artificially boost points." We like to see a variety of activity on Dealspotr, and unfortunately didn't see that from your account at the time of gift card redemption.