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I'm new around here!

Just dropping by to say hello! Im new & still learning the ropes, so if you have tips for making the most of Dealspotr, I'm glad to hear them!


@bettyblushed Hi, welcome to Dealspotr! I think you're off to a great start. My advice would be to stay active on the site by sharing deals and posting discussions on the interest pages. Good luck!


Natonya Medford Hey Natonya! I applied to a bunch of campaigns, and actually just got accepted to my first one this week!! I only received an official rejection from one so far, no response yet from the rest of them. How about you?


@bettyblushed I applied to a couple of campaigns. I was wondering why I haven't heard from either company but I guess it takes a week or so. I'm just too excited!😂


Natonya Medford @bettyblushed I've applied to tons of campaigns. I've been accepted for a few and rejected for a handful but most of them I never hear back anything either way.


Angie Bailey Thanks Angie, this was helpful. I was trying to get an idea of how legit and beneficial this is for bloggers.


@bettyblushed Hi Betty. Welcome and hope things go well for you. If you get accepted to deals, you can share it with me and I will do so as well (low level influencers don't get accepted much)