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Important update for our most active deal posters!

Hello everyone!

We wanted to let you know about some changes we’re making to our deal posting, validation, and points systems which will impact our active deal posters.

As you know, the goal of running our community validation system is to partner with you to ensure that we have excellent coverage of deals across all stores on Dealspotr.

Furthermore, our goal is to reward our most helpful members with the most points.

Unfortunately, we do see some unhelpful activity on the site, where some users utilize various techniques to inflate their points, whereas their actions don’t help the community. One example of this is with frequent reactivation of codes. Some users post codes with short expiration dates, leaving them for others to reactivate shortly after they expire. This is done even for codes that have long expiration dates.

The downside of this activity is that 1) it does not help shoppers by providing more useful deals that they need and 2) by garnering large volumes of points, we have fewer points to allocate to the truly helpful members.

In light of this, we’re making some changes to our system to help ensure that unhelpful activity is stopped, while helpful activity earns even more points.

First, if you are following a pattern of abusing reactivations, your account will be flagged and you’ll lose points, plus your Accuracy Score may be decreased. Furthermore, we may limit your ability to set specific expiration dates.

Second, we’re increasing points for our Shopper Requested Stores section. We’re going to continue to improve this feature, our goal is to encourage all of our active deal posters to focus on this section. If you find deals for these stores, this is truly helpful to the community, since shoppers are looking for these deals, and we currently don’t have them.

So you now earn 3x as many points for validations on Shopper Requested stores.

Here are some tips to earn more points with Shopper Requests:

  • Check the “Needs verification” section for codes that have not been validated for a while. Once you reach the store’s checkout page, you can quickly test out a bunch of codes and validate the ones that work. You’ll earn 3x points for each validation you make this way.
  • When looking at any store page, open the “View timeline” link. In there, you’ll find handy links to jump straight to sources for deals for that store. This is a quick way to check for deals you can add.
  • A great way to earn points is to find Single-Use Codes for Shopper Requested stores. Try signing up for a store's email list, and see if they send you a single-use code. You can add these and earn points just like you would for a normal code.
  • Be sure to click the “I just checked, no new coupons” link if you did not find any deals. By doing this, you’ll know you’re helping your fellow deal posters by removing that store from the Shopper Requests list. If the community collaborates in doing this, you’ll find deals more quickly, since you won’t be duplicating efforts with other community members.

Please try out this section, and let us know if you have any feedback.

E. Rueda

Emily Helwig in that case, how long of expiration should I put you to the codes that I am reactivating?

Andre reyes

Emily Helwig Hello Emily,! good morning for you. But have decreased points for reactivation, so in the section shopper request stores will be affected by this decrease? or in that section the points will remain the same but x3 points that just added?
Thank you very much for the information, my community of referrals and I absolutely agree with this pattern of short reactivations, we appreciate your kind attention. What we should avoid is abuse of sum of useless points .. Thanks emily I am to order for what you need

Another question, regarding the payment already there is an established date? will be 14 working days from now? or it will be less or more?

thanks again

Luis Suárez

Emily Helwig Thank you Emily, we were waiting for this information, I am agree with you, but at the same time I would like to know when will be update the page because I don't find the option "Needs verification" for example. and if you can give us a better explanation of the steps for doing a well job.


Very well Emily Helwig thank you for notifying us, but basically you're saying that the old points are not coming back? You have to tell us clearly whether or not to know if we continue wasting time or not, in something that is not profitable or profitable for us, you win with our work and we win with your payments, if it does not happen and more you win for the great amount of work That we should do and there are no good benefits for us, who are harmed are not exactly you.

Vicki Floyd

Emily Helwig Thanks Emily. You indicated that "helpful activity earns more points". Could you elaborate on what helpful activity consists of? I am seeing a significant decrease in points when I validate a deal, which I would have though would be considered helpful. So it would be great if you could let us know what activity will result in higher point values. Or is it just the shopper requested stores? Thanks!


Vicki Floyd considering the fact that as reactivating won't be so rewarding there might be the possibility that people just don't reactivate deals and the coupons will be "expired" and customers won't be interested into using it. I do agreed about decreasing points but not that low. There are another ways to remove the unhelpful behavior instead of decreasing the points drastically. I think... Let's see what they bring us, also the new guide line would be very useful to unify our deals.

Anali Gomez

Emily Helwig You are the abusers, really this page does not serve as much work and comply with its rules and also eliminate one of the $ 10 that had already won. vayanse a la mierda falta de respeto

Stewart Rico

Anali Gomez wow, can you be any more disrespectful? really? if you are getting penalized is because you are doing something wrong, i have been in this site less than 2 months and already got 140$ in giftcards with no problems, and i am level 60, at the beggining i got penalized too several times, but asked about the mistake, corrected the problem, followed the rules and now i do not have any problems when posting or validating. Watch your mouth and stop being rude with people, swearing in spanish does not mean that people will not understand what your are saying, geez.

Wendy Hedrich

Stewart Rico deja que la señora se desahogue como quiera, ella tiene razon esta pagina, paso lo limites de abuso a sus usuarios, y deja  de ser tan jala mecate niño, que es imposible que con 2 meses aqui seas nivel 60.

Ibraim P.

Anali Gomez My sister and a friend, they both lost their accounts and none of them came to the forum and do what you just did. Keep working on your mistakes and don't be rude with this guys. If you need any help, I will help you with no problem :)

PS: Tengo más de 1 año acá y ya he ganado casi $900. En menos de 2 meses llegue a ser nivel 56, sin problemas. Digo, por si queda alguna duda :D


Ibraim P. Creo que se estan desviando del tema principal. La cuestion es que mucha gente esta incorforme con esta medida. Se que ustedes diran que esta bien, pero la cuestion es que es una medida muy drastica bajar casi 40% lo que daban los puntos. Como decian antes, es muy importante reactivar cupones y si estoy de acuerdo con las penalizaciones pero ahora estan poniendo demasiadas tramas, para una persona que ingrese nuevo a Dealspotr cuanto le tomara ganar sus primeros 10$?

Lo que pasa es que aqui uno comenta unos feedbacks y no los leen, si hay mucha gente y no pueden, cierren el registro como lo han hecho muchas paginas. Si hay gente inactiva, eliminen cuentas y sigan, si la gente esta abusando, ok, penalicen pero den razones claras de la penalizacion.

De verdad hay muchas maneras, pero ellos no leen los feedbacks de las personas. Espero que algun dia puedan ver lo que digo.

De verdad los felicito por haber llegado tan lejos, y espero que sigan asi, como tambien espero que Dealspotr se de cuenta que estas medidas tienen mucho descontento en la comunidad.

Stewart Rico

Wendy Hedrich Venga señora, el hecho de tener educación no es jalar mecate, si Ud. No es capaz de comportarse como la gente en un simple foro imaginese en la vida diaria. Esto es una pagina que no es en ningun momento un trabajo primario, donde la inmensa mayoria de personas que veo de latinoamerica la utilizan terriblemente con un conocimiento burdo del ingles y errando constantemente en las normas de posteo de deals y se quejan que les bajan el nivel o que les quitan los puntos. Si ud va a entrar y va a insultar a todos en un foro la unica que queda mal es ud. demostrando el poco nivel educativo que tiene, si siguen las normas y hacen todo bien van a obtener su recompensa de gift sin problemas, y pues aunque ud no lo crea llevo 2 meses y medio en el site y me meto unas 4 o 5 veces por semana por poco tiempo y ya era nivel 62 mas bien baje un poco por un error tonto, el hecho de que Ud. no sea capaz de lograrlo no significa que los demas no tengan posibilidad. Gracias por lo de niño con 33 años me cae genial :) feliz dia. Te anexo solo para que veas que si se puede alcanzar ese nivel de accuracy apenas unas pocas horas a la semana, deberias intentarlo

Wendy Hedrich

Gianpiero Bertoletti tiene toda la razon, los moderadores de la pagina, ya deciden a quien pagarle y a quien no, y no dan razones especificas todas generalizadas, sobre todo la ultimas penalizaciones de revision, ya no existen ni razones claras de porque el score baja, estaba claro que aqui, quien te hace bajar es el score es alguien mas valide o invalide tu oferte, o le cambie el titulo a tu oferta, porque es mas que obvio que veas el score bajar y la informacion del "Oops" segundos despues de que alguien cambiare tu: 10% Off on Your Order por un Get 10% Off... listo ya tenias tu oferta invalida.


In my opinion, I think it is really serious that they make these kind of "adjustments" due to the wave of infringing accounts, a rule to apply would simply stop accepting registrations until everything returns to normality. And please, those who are speaking in Spanish, are encouraged to communicate in English this webpage is not addressed to Spanish speakers.


@Josumo Sorry, I'm agree with you. If they have overpopulation in Dealspotr they should close up the sign up progress, also, they can delete inactive accounts.

it's ok to be penalized for bad behavior in the website, but, reduce almost 40% the validation/reactivation points? is something that affects all the users in this page and i think it's unfair for us.

Isaias Josué

Emily Helwig This is the beginning of the end. Pretty sad to be honest. This is the worst approach you could take to fix problems.


Emily Helwig Hi everybody.! Well I have been using dealspotr for a week and I don't have any problem with the points, I mean, in 5 days I got 20.000 points. All you have to do is still posting good deals, don't cry for changes that are made for the good of all the community.

josue mago

Emily Helwig Good afternoon Emily I have a question, I am worried about an affair. I noticed that many people have been penalized for various reasons and I want to know if I am working well or badly ... I work only with validations and I enter new coupons ... In this way I can work without being penalized? I appreciate your response beforehand greetings


Emily Helwig Hey Emily, how are you? could you please check why I've lost 10000 points today, I have been working with shopper requested stores most of the time so I would like to know what happened, please. If you could tell me what's wrong I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


Emily Helwig
Hello Emily, I want to know why I get the message sent '' and in the mail I do not have my gift card


Emily Helwig Hi there Emily, could you please help me with something? I've just lost 10000 points and I wanna know why, because, I think I didn't do anything wrong. How come this happened? Please could you answer me back?

Dilan Rivas

hello how are you Emily Helwing a few days ago I removed 7500 points when I had already completed the 10,000 points and my reward was in the process of knowing what my mistakes have been since the suggestions I have given I have taken into account please check my case I await your prompt reply.


please who explains why this problem is that the gift card is not in the mail


Emily Helwig Good afternoon Emily, when I entered Dealspotr I really liked it but now I'm disappointed by the last five thousand points I was deducted recently, now I'm waiting for the $ 20 gift card, Emily I ask you personally to check all my work and you will realize that it has been unfair to me what they have done to me. In fact when I entered dealspotr I felt happy, being part of the dealspotr family ...

Stewart Rico

JOSÉ ANTONIO dude, you only have 3 deals posted and 3 validations made, that means that you have made more than 20 thousand points just by confirming deals which since a long time ago has been declared as a form of abuse on dealspotr since it does not help the community too much, as it has been stated before you need to do other things like actually posting new deals on the site, reactivating good deals, post printable coupons, find deals for the shoppers requested area, etc. If you don´t do that they will just continue lowering your accuracy and reducing points.

E mily Helwig Hi Emily I would like to know why every time that someone edits an agreement my accuracy score fall. For example: the user @rudymav edit my deal by changing the word "Get" to "save" and then two minutes later the user @couponaddict returned to edit and put the word "Get" again. This is not the first time that this happens to me and I feel a bit frustrated. Here I leave the link; https://dealspotr.com/deal/-ds-40-off-your-order-at-hotslings-sitewide7lq. Thank you so much for everything.
melon priori

Emily Helwig Good afternoon Emily, sorry for the inconvenience, but I have a problem. Today, dealpotr tells me that the gift card was sent to my email, but in my email that message has not arrived, it is my first prize and I do not know what to do, if I could help me, I would thank you. thank you.


Emily Helwig malditos ladrones eso cuesta mucho hacer esos 10 dolares para que se los quiten a uno asi vayanse al infierno


Emily Helwig que significa este mensaje El equipo de Dealspotr le envió un mensaje: "Al revisar su cuenta, nos dimos cuenta de que no ha hecho ningún esfuerzo para cambiar su actividad de publicación de ofertas. No le tomaremos puntos, pero su solicitud de una tarjeta de regalo será denegada al esta vez. Inténtalo de nuevo cuando hayas mezclado tu actividad de publicación de ofertas. Gracias. "

Lucy Green

Javier Colmenarez Significa que si no haces el shopper requested, cosa que es imposible no te van a pagar asi acumules 100$, no quieren pagar y como ya se estan ganado fama de scam, ahora se inventaron que no te quitan el saldo pero no te lo pagan.

Harry Smart

Good morning Emily.

I see with concern that they give me back the reward of my 10,000 point card and they discount me 3000 points and they do not give me any precise explanation. What is happening with this type of penelization? I am hard at work and doing well. Because they wait until the payment of the reward to penalize.

Harry Smart

These actions do not motivate to work. Be more precise in the penalty, to know precisely the faults. To other low the Score.


Emily Helwig
good night, I have a doubt how many reactivation and validation points must be made for each gift

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