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Hi there!

I am just curious how this updates? Since I signed on a month ago, my instagram following has increased by 6K with much higher engagement, my blog traffic has increased and my Twitter following yet my score has not moved. I also noticed some people will have a 30 or 40 score on instagram and will have much much less followers or engagement than I do and I have a score of 11. Is there some calculation I am missing? thank you :)


Michelle thibeault The best way to increase your score is to increase your engagement. By that, I mean when your social media posts and/or YouTube and blog content get a lot more likes, comments, shares, and views, your score will go up. If one of your YouTube videos gets a ton of views and shares, that will increase your influence score. Also, if your Instagram gets a ton more followers who engage with your content frequently, your score will go up. A slower way to increase your score is to complete campaigns. That takes more time, so we always say the best and fastest way to have a higher influence score is just to increase your organic engagement on your social platforms. The more engagement you get, the higher your score will be! Hope that helps!

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