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Introducing your new Feed on Dealspotr

Today we're rolling out a new homepage for you on Dealspotr. When you're logged in, your Dealspotr homepage will now show your new, updated Feed. Your Feed is intended to keep you up-to-date on all the people you're following on Dealspotr, including their deals, their conversations (forum posts, comments), and their social interactions.

The old homepage, the Discover Deals page, is still there for you - to get there you just need to click on the "Deals" link in your header.

Our goal is to make it easy to stay updated with the people you're following on Dealspotr. This new version of the Feed places greater emphasis on social interaction than the previous version. As we approach the launch of the Marketplace, social interactions will be an increasingly important part of Dealspotr.

Please test it out and fill out our quick product feedback survey to give us your feedback. Also, feel free to share your thoughts here in this thread.

One tip for you active deal posters: the new Feed now displays all the deals you create and reactivate, so you no longer need to repost your own deals to get them viewed. However, if you want to highlight specific deals that you want people to see, then reposting is a great way to do this (whether for your own deals or someone else's).



Michael Quoc I've noticed that some of the people I follow, their deals will be grouped together and you can slide and view the deals they have posted, but sometimes they are posted separately. Is this just a timing thing?