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Is it a Bug?

Good night, I have two problems, the first is that I asked for my first gift card and in the section where the Redemption History is displayed it is shown, as if I had requested two gift cards and only had 10,000 when making the request, it is correct That shows itself thus ?.

The second problem, I do not know how to explain it, I have validated coupons and I actually add points, but the yellow bar that shows my progress does not increase. I have updated the website, disconnected and connected to verify, even opened my account in Firefox and Chrome and the bar is empty, is it normal for this to happen? After applying for a gift card? ....


Hello, today is the second day that I validate promo codes and my progress bar does not increase, is this normal?


Axcel Rojas Hi - does it look normal now? I took a look and it looks normal to me.

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