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Jason Abrenica but my image I asked for it by email and I get the code to my mail and publish it, even being a direct code, check the 2 images, how can it be requested if the system approves it?

It is not duplicated, if the system does not allow you to upload more than 1 printable code per store, maybe, but it does not, it allows you to upload many and each code that was sent to the store and uploaded according to the rules of the system, not it is duplicated


Mariangel Becerra You can Upload as many printable identical coupons as you want. And that is why there are moderators to check and eliminate the duplicates and penalize the users who duplicates deal. Besides, I am sure that while typing the deal title, there are portion of the page saying "possible duplicates". If you see the your title has similar title on the posible duplicates portion, you better check those first before you continue to create your deal. But ofcourse, if you are creating codes, duplicates are imposible to happen because the system will not accept that. But when you create Sale type and Printable coupon, Duplicates are possible. Hope this make sense. =)


Mariangel Becerra You can create Multiple printable coupons but it must have different offers and not with same offers. For Example, If there is an existing offer like "$20 Off on Swimwear" You cant create another printable coupon with Offer "$20 Off on Swimwear" technically there is aready one existing with that same offer. Especially if the Barcode is the same.