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CLOSED: Share your #1 savings or couponing hack for Jet.com and win a gift card! (Deadline May 4)

Good day, Dealspotrs! We're back with this week's forum contest - this time for Jet! You all did a wonderful job with last week's contest for Bed Bath & Beyond. This week, let's see which savings stars can come up with the most unique, helpful, and little-known savings hack for Jet.com.

What's your #1 inside hack for saving money at Jet? What's one deal they offer that most people don't know about?

Share your tip here in this thread by 12 p.m. PST, Thursday, May 4. Try to keep your hack to 100 words or fewer, and no repeats! Include any screenshots as needed. Limit one post per person. We'll compile your contributions into a "top savings hacks" blog post & share on our social channels. See the post from last week here.

The influencer with the most unique, insightful, and helpful tip this week will win a $25 gift card to Jet. Good luck everyone!


Dealspotr Support After you've added one item to your cart filter your search results for all subsequent items by checking 'Extra Savings.' When you add an 'Extra Savings' product to your cart the price will be reduced for both the second product and the first! The more products you add the lower your price will fall for each 'Extra Savings' product in your cart! So if you plan to buy at Jet it often makes sense to buy a lot! This little trick will save you a lot of money.


Dealspotr Support Sign up for their newsletter and check their face book page regularly. They always have promo code available that will save you a ton of money.


Dealspotr Support If you follow affiliates on their social media, blogs, etc (I'm one!), you can find affiliate coupon codes and sales!


Dealspotr Support Amazon Prime has turned me into an impulsive shopper — I need one thing today, I order it. And then I repeat the same process tomorrow. With Jet, you are rewarded for planning ahead. Keep a running list of stuff you need (Alexa is great for this if you have one) and order more things at one time.

Emily Helwig I have never used Jet.com but I am curious to read everyone else's tips!!!
Greg Doane

Emily Helwig Jet.com gives you the ability to waive your right to free returns to save a few cents on every product. You can also pay by debit card to save even more. This adds up to a few dollars per order if you're buying a large number of goods.

From their website:

"When you opt out of free returns on an item and pay by debit instead of credit, you save us those costs, so you pay less."


Dealspotr Support Add me to the list of Dealspotr's that hasn't ordered from Jet yet. Amazon tends to be my go-to. I usually have enough gift cards to cover the cost.


Dealspotr Support Use Code Spring15 and you save 15% off your first three orders if you are a new customer. :)

Emily Helwig I've been hearing more and more about Jet.com! So I just did a quick tour and discovered my cat food brand is cheaper. There's a coupon code (SPRING15) you can use for 15% off your first THREE orders. AND if I pay with my debit card, I save even more money. If you're looking for the deals, this is a dang good place to check your regular grocery prices!
Cas Sie

Make sure to use the "Extra Savings" filter when searching for items. This is how you find things that drop the price of what is already in your cart.

They only decrease the price if you buy stuff that happens to come from the same warehouse, so if you just shop normally it seems like the "price drop" feature never happens!


Choose a "no return" option for lower prices on items!

Emily Helwig I've only shopped Jet.com once, so I cannot provide any ideas, but I so am loving reading through all of these! I'm going to have to check Dealspotr for all the deals and start shopping there more after reading these!
Emily Helwig The more you add to your cart at Jet.com, the lower the prices on the individual items go. Plus, you get free shipping on orders over $35. Wait until you are ready to stock up on several items when you place your order, so you can take advantage of both of these deals.

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