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Just a suggestion

Today I readed a post written by a guy asking for information, and I noticed that one moderator of Dealspotr said this:

"You are not currently on tomorrow's list, so it will depend on whether our moderators are able to get through more requests"

I think Dealsport should share that list, so in that way we could see when we will receive our gift card or paypal payment.

I think this is not a bad idea, IDK you.

Angie Bailey

Carlos I think there would be some privacy issues to make something like this public. I think it's good enough that we are given a timeline of how long it will take to receive payments considering we are also told it's not guaranteed in that timeframe as they are not employers; these payments are rewards, and sometimes delays may happen. I personally don't want to share with everyone when I receive my payments and how much I'm receiving, etc.


Carlos Hi there! For privacy reasons we cannot share this information. Additionally, because we are not an employer, we reserve the right to send out gift cards in a timeline that is according to the needs of the employees and the company. Therefore, just because you are on a specific area of the list does not mean you will get it on a specific day. We do the best we can to reward you and our other awesome users as soon as we can, so we appreciate your continued patience with us :)