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Just for a double capital letter??

Oops! Your validation: GEt 20% Off on All Holiday Smoking Supplies at Daily High Club was flagged for the following reason: The deal title had issues with formatting and style. Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations!

Really? Is a penalty for only two uppercase letters followed ??? That penalty seems excessive to me. Under 2 Score points for that error that I really do not think that affects much in the functionality of the offer. Should have a revision in the rules because as they know I have published more than 60 new codes daily and I do not see raise my score, but a minimum error is made and my score falls 2 steps.


Daniel Star Yes, we strive to maintain a level of uniformity on our website. For this time, I will give you these two points back, but in the future please be careful about errors like this.

Daniel Star

Rachel Auerbach Thanks.

In other occasions I have proposed that the systems to upload the score have to be updated. I've noticed that new users with only 5 validations a day their score goes up dramatically fast. I have a level 62 and unlimited validations. Every day I manage to post between 60 and 100 codes a day and even then my score goes up every 300 or 400 validations. I do not see fair this system. That is why there are many users who prefer to open new accounts. Take notice this recommendation because I do believe that my accuracy is very good to go up a little faster. Thank you for your attention.