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Loss of sudden validations

Hello I just went through something really strange.

I was doing my validations as I normally do every day and had 30 validations per day and 33 of accuracy score, and suddenly my accuracy score drops dramatically to 28 and my validations to 15

This is due to some system failure? I do not understand why this happened. Please answer my question and thank you very much.


Dealspotr Support I understand that when one commits mistakes low the accuracy score, but I do not get notifications of mistakes made. And also I ask because Sunday with 25 accuracy score had 30 validations but now when yesterday fell to 28 accuracy score I got down to 15 validations. Is this due to some system change? Thank you very much for answering. :)


Hector Larez No - the amount of validations you're allowed to do is directly attached to your accuracy score. You seem to be doing okay so far with posting - let me know if you have any specific questions!