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Mac v. PC - which one are you?

I'm a mac girl myself, but grew up using a PC - I miss minesweeper!

Which do you prefer?

Jared Lero

Emily Helwig PC all the way. Using MAC makes me feel in a cage, a very small one.


Emily Helwig PC-I've never even tried a Mac. I still have desk top. I don't like laptops but I guess eventually I'll have to give in and get one.


Emily Helwig I won a MacBook air quite a few years ago and we absolutely love it. It's still working wonderfully. I bought a refurbished MacBook Pro from Amazon a little over a year ago and it's still working great (my son has taken it over). I also have a HP, which serves its purpose, but it doesn't compare to Mac performance wise.


Angie Bailey I just love the user-friendliness of it... my parents have a few PCs and were so surprised when I showed them how easy it was to find programs on my macbook pro. Also, love the aesthetics!

Tiffany O

Emily Helwig I currently have a Mac laptop and I love it. I also grew up using a PC and I appreciate how it introduced me to the world of computers and technology.

P.S. Please teach me how to play minesweeper.


Tiffany O LOL! I learned at an old office job that I had - just takes practice!!

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