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Marketplace Campaign Post Approvals

How long should we expect or is given to brands to accept content once submitted?

I posted a campaign and shortly after received the message that edits needed to be made with the reasoning being ,"This isn't what we want." All campaign guidelines were followed, deal was promoted, etc. I sent the brand a message asking for specifics with no response, so I just went ahead and just expanded upon the brand info and added more photos, noted these changes and resubmitted. This was January 19th, and as of now it is still sitting on pending review. I did reach out to the brand again to ask about this and check to see if there were any more changes, and still no response (that was about a week ago, I believe).

I have completed several other campaigns and most were accepted with 24 hours or so--- a few days at most, so this does not seem to be the norm and has me a little concerned with the lack of response with it over nearly 3 weeks.


Randi Sampson Hi Randi! Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I've let our merchant team know, and they'll reach out to the brands with pending reviews to get this taken care of. There isn't a timeline placed on brands at the moment to review promotion submissions, since most brands are very good about policing their campaigns. But something like that might be a good idea for the future.

I'll share that with the team here, and let you know when I hear back about your outstanding campaigns :)


Dealspotr Support Any news yet? Wondering if we need to take these posts down/remove links if they do not intend to pay? Thanks so much!


Randi Sampson Hi Randi! I had already messaged Laura about this - our merchant team is working right now on a way to get these posts compensated for. If you feel more comfortable taking the post down until you are compensated, I do understand that. I'll let you know when I hear final word (probably early next week).