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My influence score or session was removed a week ago

I hope you all have a nice day, I guess that many people are in the same situation that I, the last week I verified my account as an influencer, where I started my own blog and twitter account to engage with people, but while I was waiting to the answer of my first campaign, my influence score was totally removed, and I can´t apply to any campaign now or reactivate my influence.

I need the help of the DealSpotR team, to reactivate my influence score, I´m stucked right now. It´s sad how lately I received bad attention to my request. Honestly.


Paul Reina Hi Paul, unfortunately the team removed the influencer status of some users as we are focusing on influencers in locations that our brands are interested in: US and some EU.

I apologize about the confusion and we'll be sure to notify users once we open up the locations more.