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Need help contacting someone at Dealspotr

Hi, I completed 2 different campaigns and am having trouble getting anyone to email me back to see if I have made any sales. I wrote a blog post for Buddha Beachwear and was given a personal code. If I sold any flip flops on that code I was to recieve $5 each pair. I published the post, and promoted on social media and in my weekly newsletter several times. I emailed the contact name for this company twice and have yet to hear back from anyone to see if I have made any sales

I am did the same for a company called Dayroom.co . I was dealing with someone who always got back to me quickly (and I even got paid once) but she has since left the company. She gave me an email address to contact and I have yet to hear back from anyone from that company too? I am certain I have commisions from my code waiting for me.

I feel like I am getting ripped off. I promoted these companies and now will not get paid. What can I do? Is there someone at Dealspotr that can help me track someone down?

Jodi House Hi Jodi, feel free to send me an email directly to lauren@dealspotr.com just to make sure that I have the note in my inbox and the brands correct. Thanks!

Jodi House This seems to be a sitewide problem. I wish there was a better way that work was appreciated!

Jodi House

SuperHuman I agree. I still never got paid from one the campaigns I mentioned above. Total bummer!