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New and no clue

Hey guys, I have to yet find "the instructions" of how to use this site. I have no clue. I have only been accepted by one company and applied to tons of other ones, nothing. A whole bunch of rejections (most of them a month later), and they don't even bother giving you a reason. Dear Dealspotr, please ask the companies to post a reason for rejection (mandatory) so we know if we are doing something wrong. I know, that when you are "small and insignifficant" nobody "gives a penny", and once your popularuity grows, "BAM", everybody wants you. I don't know why these companies put "influence; ANY" down, if they only want someone who has more? Doesn't make sense. Any of you guys know how to use or navigate this site, please, please help. I am looking for buddies here who will be interested in working together (by helping each other here and building our influence on social media), so we can grow as influencers and improve every day and in every way. Love to all of you <3


ELENA DELGADO Hi Elena, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble on the Marketplace. We are hearing a lot of feedback from influencers about the low acceptance rates, and are working on features that can help alleviate some of the radio silence from the brand's end. Would you want to hop on another call to walk through the site again and ask any questions? Let me know what you think.


Dealspotr Support Yes I would, thank you Dealspotr, please let me know if you have time this Friday around 1 or 2 pm, Toronto time? If not, what time will work for you?


Dealspotr Support Hi Dealspotr, I have not heard from you, so I am presuming that you will be busy. Please let me know when you have an opening, thank you