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CLOSED: Secret savings hack contest for April 20: Win a $25 Michael's gift card!

This contest is now closed! Stay tuned for the winner announcement :)

Crafty Dealspotrs! We're back again with another forum contest - this week for Michael's! What's your #1 inside hack for saving money at Michael's? We know about their online coupons - what's one thing they offer that most people don't know about?

We already know you're experts at saving - just look at last weeks contest for Ulta Beauty. This week, let's see who can come up with the most unique, helpful, and little-known savings hack for Michael's!

Share your tip here in this thread by 8 a.m. PST, Friday, April 21. Try to keep your hack to 100 words or fewer, and no repeats! Include any screenshots as needed. Limit one post per person.

We'll compile your contributions into a "top savings hacks" blog post & share on our social channels. See the post from last week here: https://dealspotr.com/article/ulta-beauty-couponing-hacks

The influencer with the most unique, insightful, and helpful tip this week will win a $25 gift card to Michael's to get their crafting on! Good luck everyone!


Dealspotr Support Michael's will price match. Simply bring in a competitors ad and show it to the cashier. They can perform price adjustments right at the register. Michael's will also accept competitors coupons. Even if the coupons are from out of state stores!


Dealspotr Support Don't buy everything in one transaction. Buy one small item first. Michaels almost always adds a coupon to the bottom of your receipt. Sometimes that coupon will let you save 20% off your entire purchase or $5 off your next $25 purchase. Use that coupon to buy everything else! Sometimes that coupon requires you to fill out a short survey. Its easy enough to fill out from your mobile phone. So you can take advantage without going all the way back home.


Dealspotr Support Plan and schedule your purchases so you never pay full price. Michaels offers 40 to 50% off coupons but they are only good for a day or two. Delay your purchase until you can print one of these or display it from the Michaels mobile app. Holiday items are marked down 60 to 70% two weeks before a holiday and 80 to 90% after.

After the holiday look for $2 mystery grab bags. You can't open the bags in the store, but you can peek through the top and look through the plastic to see what's inside. They often contain seasonal stuff like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter decor. You'll get a ton of crafting supplies for just $2!


Dealspotr Support Make sure (if you fall in these categories) to take advantage of the teacher/military/senior discounts. Military/seniors can get up to 10% off and teachers up to 15% off! Also if you are looking for some little doodad things for DIY projects, definitely check out the dollar bin, I'm not sure they are at all stores but I know they always have some sort of discount bin ranging from 50 cents to $5!


Emile Check for coupons before taking advantage of the teacher/military/senior discounts. You can't combine coupons with those discounts, so its often better to print one for 20 to 40% off. You'll save more money that way.


Dealspotr Support Check your coupons - sometimes you can use them on clearance and sale items. With clearance getting up to 90% off, you can score some real savings by combining the two if you have a coupon available!


Dealspotr Support Michaels is one of my personal favorite places to save money...and you can see why- so many great tips shared already! Split purchases to get best use of your coupons, watch for those grab bags, check their clearance, etc.

In addition to all of these, Michaels also offers a military discount, so if you are military or a dependant...show your id! While it cannot be combined with other sale prices or items already discounted via a coupon, it WILL take off that discount from anything else you may have in your purchase!


Of course, I love Michael's for their coupons which can get your purchase price way down! But, my favorite "deal" they run is the classes for kids, which equals almost free babysitting while I shop! Some classes do have fees, but there are also classes where you just pay for supplies, or pay as little as $2 for a 2 hour class! Major deal!


Dealspotr Support I always take my husband or sister with me, so we can both use the coupon that is for one item only!


Dealspotr Support I usually look for the best or highest coupon available on mine and my daughters phone before I go to shop. My daughter loves to get her art supplies from Michaels, so it helps. Once I get to the store, we make sure the coupons are pulled up and ready to scan, then we go to the isle she needs to be at to choose her items. Usually, my daughter can get her art pens for about $10$12 , which 40-50% off the normal price with the coupon. Then we also get a military discount. It saves her (us) a lot of money and it gets her the exact suplies she wants instead of her feeling like she is compromising her art for a cheaper brand.

Greg Doane

Dealspotr Support You can get exclusive savings + deals by signing up for their rewards program. For example, they are currently hosting a "Thank You" event for members with doorbusters, coupons, free class passes, etc.


Dealspotr Support If you couldn't find or forgot a current coupon, ask the cashier if they have one. They do check to make sure you're in their rewards program but it can save you up to 40% of your total. (The amount depends on the current coupon.) So far, everytime I've asked, they had a coupon available.


Dealspotr Support Always check for grab bags! They are usually located at the front of the store. They put a variety of clearance items in a Michaels bag and sell each bag for $4. I have scored some really nice stuff valued at $30+ in these bags!