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Are you an expert when it comes to using the Cartwheel app, or saving money at Target? Enter contest by May 18 to win a $25 gift card!

Good day, everyone! Can you believe we're already halfway through May? We're back with another forum contest - and you'll be sure to love this week's store... Target!

What's your #1 inside hack for saving money at Target? What's one cartwheel app hack that most people don't know about?

Share your tip here in this thread by 12 p.m. PST, Thursday, May 18. Try to keep your hack to 100 words or fewer, and no repeats! Include any screenshots as needed. Limit one post per person.

We'll compile your contributions into a "top savings hacks" blog post & share on our social channels. The influencer with the most unique, insightful, and helpful tip this week will win a $25 gift card to Target. Good luck everyone!


Emily Helwig Open the Cartwheel app, then tap on the barcode symbol in the far right corner. Scan the UPC symbol of the product you want to buy and immediately find qualifying offers. If you don't see an offer for your product scroll down for offers of similar products. Most cartwheel offers can be used up to 4 times per transaction, so load up on whatever you need to buy. At checkout scan your cartwheel bar code, combine it with manufacturers coupons and use your Target Red Card. With the Red Card you'll get 5% back on every purchase, free shipping when you shop online and 30 extra days for returns!


Emily Helwig You can use cartwheel savings AND manufacturer coupons for extra savings. Just be sure to hand the cashier the MFG coupons first to avoid issues at the register.


Emily Helwig Sometimes my circluar that come in the mail will have some great coupons for Target. Always check them out before your toss them in the recycles.


Emily Helwig Target allows you to triple stack. If you have a manufacturer coupon, store coupon and Cartwheel offer for the same product, you can use all three!


Emily Helwig Make sure you take advantage of Target mobile coupons. Text COUPONS to 827438 to start receiving them directly to your phone. Then stack manufacturer coupons, Target coupons (including mobile coupons) and Cartwheel offers to maximize your savings.


Emily Helwig The Cartwheel app is great! You just scan your item and if there is a deal or discount, it pops up! I really need to get on the red-card action, I am at Target all the time. So, I should be saving that extra 5% by signing up for that!


Emily Helwig For me, it's all about the clearance! Target Clearance truly cannot be beat. Some items are mixed into the aisles where they would have been otherwise, but end aisles are where you can find the bulk! I always do a loop around the outside of the store, then check the end aisles of the inner sections too. Some seriously amazing deals to be found!

And while *most* Cartwheel offers do exclude clearance, always double check in case. Manufacturer coupons do still apply, so check those beauty and cleaning aisles for even greater savings!


Emily Helwig You HAVE TO have a Target REDCard--There is a credit card and a debit card that connects to your checking account. They both offer the same 5% off benefit (plus free shpiping online), so I say go for the debit card. After you have that, stack deals from the clearance end caps, the AWESOME Cartwheel app, Target Mobile coupons, coupons on the Target website and your manufacturer coupons. The Cartwheel app also rewards you for every purchase, allowing you to earn free stuff. You'll never pay full price for your Target purchases if you use these hacks!


Emily Helwig I've been known to buy Target gift cards at a discount at sites like Raise. 2 or 3% doesn't seem like much, but if you shop at Target a lot, it adds up. And of course, this savings is on top of what you get for using Cartwheel, shopping off-season, shopping clearance, etc.


Emily Helwig It's hard to narrow Target savings down to 100 words or less! I'll try. ;)

Target STORE coupons can come as printables or coupons you find in the inserts or in the mail or the mobile coupons from texting COUPONS to 827438. Any of those can be used with regular manufacturer coupons AND the Cartwheel app - even though Cartwheel is a store discount Target considers it different from a store coupon.

Then when you factor in that you can also use the cash back apps (Ibotta, Checkout51, Mobisave - just to name a few) you can really stack up the savings at Target.

I love stacking as many savings as possible (store coupon, cartwheel coupon, manufacturer coupon and/or one or more app offers) with a deal that will give me a Target gift card in return - which Target does all the time!


For example, if they are offering a $5 Target gift card on the purchase of 2 Coppertone Sunscreen, I can use any store, manufacturer, Cartwheel coupons at the register to bring down my out of pocket price. But I still get the $5 gift card. And after my purchase I can redeem any available offers in the cash back apps to get more back!


Emily Helwig Not only can you use Cartwheel, manufacturer coupons, Target store coupons, but let's not forget also you can use their price match policy! If you see a lower price in a local competitor ad or flyer, bring the ad to Target and they'll match that price! You can also price match with certain online competitor pricing! (see their online competitor list here)-- Online price match They'll also adjust the price to match a competitor if you return to the store within 14 days of your Target purchase with a competitor ad! PLUS, they will honor their online prices if it happens to be lower than what you see in store! There really are so many ways to save your "green" at Target!


Emily Helwig Always always always check the endcaps (great clearance stuff) and the dollar spot. I save more money in these two spots to fund the rest of my shopping trip there! LOL


Emily Helwig The Cartwheel app not only lets you save money, but also helps you quickly navigate to sale items with in store maps showing featured coupons and discounts from the "My List" feature where users can save coupons or deals they're interested in. And it even uses geolocation within the store to help recommend new deals and discounts based on your most frequented aisles and sections. So if you run the Cartwheel app every time you're in Target, it eventually learns your behavior and can recommend items of interest more quickly. For example, if you frequent the electronics section or cosmetics section, the app will learn this, and begin showing you special offers for the types of products you most frequently shop for.

Heidi Bee
Emily Helwig You can be a triple threat at Target! You start by checking their coupons on their website, http://coupons.target.com/ and as long as it is a Target coupon and not a manufacturer you can stack with a manufacturer coupon. Lastly scan the items or check beforehand on the Cartwheel app. It doesn't happen a ton but it is possible to get a hat trick!

Emily Helwig

37 verified Target coupons and promo codes as of May 17. Popular now: Latest Deals and Coupons. Trust for Department Stores savings.

Save with coupons at Target. Print coupons online for Target in-store purchases to save on everything from groceries and essentials to ...


Emily Helwig Sign up for their registry for any event (Baby, Wedding, Grad, Etc) and receive 15% off any items that you didn't get after the big day!


Emily Helwig I like to really stretch my savings...catwheel app + manufactureres coupons + deals that give you back giftcards = a win every single time!!


Emily Helwig What's your #1 inside hack for saving money at Target?

My #1 hack for saving money at Target is hands down coupon stacking and matching. Target allows you to stack coupons, use coupons on "on sale" items, and apply cart wheel AND use their Red Card (free) for another 5%. You can also use their Red Card to get free shipping online. All you need is a blank check to sign up––you can sign up for one at Guest Services. Plus, don't forget you can use Grocery Cash Back apps AFTER your trip to get rebates and earn money on items you already purchased! :)

What's one cartwheel app hack that most people don't know about?

I've saved over $600 just by (casually) using cartwheel since Cartwheel launched. You can use the scanner feature on the app to scan all the items in your cart before you check out to ensure you haven't missed any discounts.

You can also search for items by discount % and it will list most discounted % to least. This way you can "target" the best deals, allowing you to save the most money!

Greg Doane

Emily Helwig This may not be the case anymore (correct me if I'm wrong), but Target offers a "rain check" for items out of stock. Rather than losing out on the deal, you'll get a coupon that guarantees the sale price when the item is restocked.


Emily Helwig I really need to get with it when it comes to saving money at Target. I knew about Cartwheel, but I feel like I could be saving more!

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