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Some site updates: New "exclusive" deal tab, and updates to the validation system

Hi Dealspotrs!

I'm David, a Product Manager here at Dealspotr. I recently joined the team and I'm looking forward to working with you to improve Dealspotr!

I want to share a couple of site updates that we have rolled out recently.

First, we launched a new exclusives tab on our homepage. This section is for deals that are exclusive only to dealspotr.com. Check here - https://dealspotr.com/discover/exclusives - to find unique codes that you won't find on any other website! Also, if you're a merchant, or are working with a merchant, and have an exclusive code you'd like to post on Dealspotr, please contact me on Dealspotr and I'll help coordinate that with you.

Also, we made some updates to our validation and points systems to encourage more validations for stores and deals that don't already have a high number of recent validations. For example, you earn more points when validating deals that are not validated yet, and fewer points for validating deals that already have a lot of recent validations. This change is designed to help shoppers and keep the deals across Dealspotr more up-to-date and accurate.

Thanks, let me know if you have any questions.


David Lao Thanks, David. That helps. But it seems odd that "fewer points" could equate to "zero" points. I understand "fewer". But when I spend time to validate a deal, even if others have validated it, it doesn't seem right that this would be worth zero points. However, if that is the new deal, then I will check to see how many validations there are prior to validating. If I'm going to receive zero, then there is no reason for me to validate. Am I understanding correctly? If I'm understanding, Dealspotr would prefer that I do not validate a deal that has already been validated a few times. Is that correct? You indicate, " This change is designed to help shoppers and keep the deals across Dealspotr more up-to-date and accurate." How does awarding zero points to someone validating a deal help to keep Dealspotro more up-to-date and accurate? I'm confused.


I support the comment of Vicki Floyd, it does not make sense to validate coupons that are already validated by 5 people since they will give you 0 point for the effort. Another thing, I just validated a coupon in which only one person has done a previous validation and only gave me 13 points, is not supposed that as there are not many validations in that offer should give me more points? My score is 30 would have to give me 42 points minimum.


And only 18 point:


Vicki Floyd Sonico

This is correct. Since the deal has already been validated 5 times, it has already been proven that it works. You are always free to invalidate the deal if it doesn't work, which would give you points.

David Lao

Hi Vicki. Thank you for your feedback! It is extremely helpful, and I want to let you know that we will be updating our site shortly to help address your concerns.

Our next update will allow Dealspotr members to always receive a minimum number of points for all successful validations. Additionally, I would like to clarify that deals will only receive fewer validation points if they have been validated many times within the past day or two.

Thank you for helping us craft an exceptional experience for the Dealspotr community!

David Lao

Hi Sonico! Thank you for your input. The experience for our Dealspotr members is a top priority for us. I want to let you know that we will be rolling out a new update to our site shortly to address the zero point feature (we will be replacing it with a minimum point value).

Also, to address your point discrepancy concern, our validation system determines the number of points a member receives by several factors; e.g. if a photo was uploaded, accurately describing the steps, and etcetera.

To get the maximum number of points possible, I always recommend validating deals that have not been validated recently and striving to complete all input fields during the validation process.

Thank you for your feedback! And happy deal hunting.