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No one is approving me for sponsorship

I don't understand why everyone declines - even for free reviews (just free products with no money exchanged) companies have declined every single offer to work with me. Why is this?


Andrea Lunsford I've only been approved for a few campaigns. A lot of rejected me but most I never hear one way or the other.


Andrea Lunsford Angie Bailey Hi ladies! I am sorry to hear that you haven't been accepted into any (or very few) campaigns as of yet — brands have sole discretion over which influencers they work with, how many, which size, etc. While I can't speak on behalf of the brands, here are a few reasons why they might not be accepting (not sure if these are relevant here, just some reasons we've seen in the past):

- Influence score (aka your fee) is too high: some smaller brands might only have the ability to work with smaller influencers who cost less.

- Size of audience: Some brands only want to work with a very large influencer

- Niche: I know a lot of our brands (tech, for example) are looking for bloggers with very specific niches, reaching a certain type of audience.

- M-F schedule: Brands are only working M-F, and apps can get piled up for them over the weekend.

I think there are a few things we can do on our end to help out with these rejections, some of which are:

- Require merchants to select a minimum/maximum influence score that they plan on working with

- Add a deadline for going through applications for merchants

- Do a better job of matching influencers with campaigns that would be a good fit for them

We've also just implemented a trigger where you can mark if you're open for sponsorship opportunities (it resets each week). This will let a brand know that you're active in the Marketplace, and will hopefully engourage them to work with you. You can see this on the lefthand side of your feed: https://dealspotr.com/

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions for how you think we can improve the influencer experience here. Would love to hear your thoughts.


Dealspotr Support When I get offered a campaign, it starts out at $1,500 or so and I don't think most of the brands are willing to pay that for a youtube video of their small company. There isn't a way for me to change that amount that I've seen. I do like how you set a price though, as it makes it easier for me, but my price should probably be lower than that for smaller companies.


Dealspotr Support Thanks Dealspotr. I saw the trigger yesterday and marked that I was open for sponsorship opportunities. I think giving the merchants a deadline is a great idea, as well as requiring them to select a min/max influence score they plan to work with. Dealspotr is becoming more and more irrelevant to me everyday. I've always been a very active member but there are just so many members now that it's hard to list a deal that hasn't already been listed. Since I'm a blogger also, the Marketplace is going to be the only thing keeping me as an active member because in addition to not being able to post deals (because someone else has already posted them before I could), I'm rarely making any daily referral points. If I don't start getting accepted for campaigns, I'm eventually going to quit using Dealspotr and I hate that because I've been here basically from the start.


Andrea Lunsford Thanks for that feedback. I'm definitely going to bring this up to the team here, as I can see this being a problem for other influencers as well — of course, we'll also get those who claim their rates are too low, and aren't willing to work for that low of a rate, even with a smaller brand. But I'll bring this up and see if there's any adjustments we can make, especially for free product campaigns at the least.

Angie Bailey I understand, and thanks for that feedback. On the deal posting side of things, have you tried out our new deal posting projects? You can find them here: https://dealspotr.com/projects

They basically direct you to certain stores / brands that will earn you the most points, in the quickest possible way. That might be the next thing for you to try! As far as the referral program, we're most likely doing away with that in the coming month or so. As mentioned before, I'll be bringing up the low acceptance rates again to the team (they've already been made aware of this feedback) so hopefully we can implement a change for this soon.


Dealspotr Support I'll chime in here as well. I was invited to a campaign yesterday, and hit "Accept" today and it showed that they did not have a sufficient budget for the type I selected (YouTube video). I think that the options made available to influencers should reflect the budget that these merchants have available. Dealspotr could be very useful, but there are a few areas that need to be addressed, and quickly. We're rapidly approaching the fall / holiday season, where the activity on here should go through the roof. It would be great to have many of these issues resolved by the end of August to prepare for the big season. Thanks


Joe Dugandzic Hi Joe! I just checked with our engineers, and the error message you got sounds like a bug. I also checked the merchant's profile, and your acceptance message did go through, so they'll be able to start your promotion when they get that. I'll add this to the list of bugs we have going. Thanks!


Dealspotr Support Also, a separate item. Can you guys improve your messaging system here on Dealspotr? When I send a message to a someone's profile, there is no confirmation of it. There's no copy of it in a "sent messages" folder. It's not a great way to communicate and keep track of what you sent and what msgs you've read. Please develop it into more of a traditional messaging solution, it would be quite helpful. Thanks


Andrea Lunsford Hi Andrea, try the "Fubble machine" - goes with your niche :). Your problem is that the score is too high, mine is too low, keep on trying.


ELENA DELGADO It's funny you should say that, because that is one that I applied for and got denied. Was wanting to try that out for the kids. Have not had any luck so far yet.