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please check again

the title is what the image on the page says, I do not understand why I was placed as bad, please check again

Oops! Your validation: Save $70 Off on 1 Ton Capacity Foldable Shop Crane at Harbor Freight was flagged for the following reason: The deal title was not representative of the deal. Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! - view your deal - View our deal posting guidelines for more details


Elena V. The "save $70" reffers only if you compare it to a different item "IRONTON" which is $199 vs the sale price of $129. But the item is the the FOLDABLE SHOP CRANE. The original price of this is $179 vs the sale price of $129. Meaning, It suppose to be $50 Off. The $70 only reffers for the comparison of different item and not the item itself. IRONTON has differtent model vs the model number of FOLDABLE SHOP CRANE. The foldable shop crane is the item on sale. So orignal price $179 minus Sale price $129 is = $50. so the appropriate title should be $50 Off