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Jimmy Doheny Can not apply for any campaign tells me that I am not qualified to apply in it, and now it tells me that I am Shopper


Jimmy Doheny I do not understand their way of working, they disable me and they enable the option to carry out campaigns, how can I promote through my social networks?


The Wold Of Samy The team reviewed your influencer account, unfortunately your social accounts did not meet the standards to be an influencer on Dealspotr. Please keep working to build your social accounts and reach back out with any questions.


Jimmy Doheny I will start working on my social networks to improve every day, however I have a series of questions:

What are the standards required to have an influencer account in Dealspotr?

When I reach the required standards, will my influencer account be automatically activated or should I request it?

Why are there influencer accounts that have not done any campaigns and have not been disabled?