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Preference with users! It's not fair !

Good Days, Moderators and Leaders of Dealspotr

It is very unfortunate to see that they handle preference with certain users that operate the platform badly and that they do not penalize them and they continue to see their tendency and continue to operate badly. I have friends who know they are wrong that they make an effort to learn and of course they have to adjust their accounts, but there are users who, if they make a commitment, make a very high adjustment due to an error.

The fact is that this user: @ saint11


I make a complaint !!! This user is the worst reactive reference code thing that you correct and adjust users to do that wrong, in your activity history only reactivates more than 100 daily coupons and it really is not fair that to that account you do not do anything and follow taking advantage of you. The law is for everyone not for a certain group of accounts I think.

Test of your reactivations:


Who supports me to report and close the account of this user!

Another thing this user puts 1 year of validity date to each coupon that reactivates, you in your rules placed that is 1 month if you do not know.

This account has many irregularities and you do not take a letter in the matter.

I hope you listen to me and take action. Because the law should be for everyone equally.

Take care