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Pro tip: Earn points faster by posting deals for Shopper Requested Stores

Many Dealspotr users don't know the "Shopper Requested Stores" hack, which is a great way to earn points quickly. On Dealspotr, we list stores that shoppers are searching for, but which have fewer deals or coupon codes, and we give double points for all validations for any deals for those stores. Here's how to do it.

First, go to the Stores menu and select "Shopper Requests."

You'll arrive at this page which shows you a listing of all the stores that shoppers are requesting, but which don't have many current coupons. You earn double points for any validations you make for these stores.

Click on any store to go to it's page and get started finding deals.

Now here's the trick. Once you arrive on the store's page, look for the "Coupon availability" indicator in the upper right corner. Click on "Learn more."

When you click the "Learn more" link, you'll open the Coupon Availability box. This will show you who has recently looked for deals for this store, along with a handy timeline of when coupons, codes, and product deals were found and added for this store.

The key here are the links circled below. These links point to all the best sources to find the latest coupons for this store.

Open all these links in new tabs. You can then quickly scan all these sources and find and add any coupons, earning you double points.

If you could not find any new deals for this store, click on the "I just checked" link. This will notify other Dealspotrs that you've already checked this store, so they don't duplicate your efforts.

As a last sweep to earn points, go through the all deals displayed for that store (in the main section, as pictured below), and locate any deals that have a yellow meter bar.

These deals may need a validation either because they are older or they have expired. By updating, validating, or invalidating these deals, you're curating this store's page to make its information more useful to shoppers. Plus, you earn double points along the way.

So there's the quick process for checking and updating a Shopper Requested Store. Just repeat this process for additional stores (be sure to click the "I just checked" link to remove a store from this list if you could not find any deals), and you'll earn points quickly.

Happy deal hunting!


Michael Quoc Thanks for the tip. How do you find store wide deals to share? Or validate? Thanks


Michael Quoc Hey cute thank you very much Yesterday I was testing it and I worked well enough, this will be for a limited time?


Linda Sepulveda No, this is not temporary. Shopper Requested stores and the bonus points have been available for a while and will be an ongoing program for all users.


Michael Quoc I didn't know there was an "I aready checked" button. That's a great idea!

Ibraim P.

Michael Quoc I didn't know that lol Thanks for the info, very helpful :D


Michael Quoc This is a great tip! I love learning how to maximize point earnings! Thank you!


Michael Quoc I went through shoppers requests, clicked on learn more, and check the pages. Then I found a new deal and posted it, but I did not get any double points. In addition, I do not get points for validating, nor did I get double points for validating the ones with a yellow bar.


Sam Thanks for letting us know. We addressed a few bugs over the weekend, please let us know if you continue to see any issues.


I keep an eye on the shopper requests. But most are requested precisely because of the lack of codes from the shops. Perhaps these stores should check the list and offer some discounts to get some more customers!