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Problem With my Gift Card

Emily Helwig

On July 23 I received a gift card, but to my surprise today I tried to redeem it and I could not. The Amazon platform told me that it was already redeemed. What is the problem? What can I do in this case?

Emily Helwig

Williams Hi! Unfortunately, once we send out the gift cards and they are redeemed, it's out of our hands — we are unable to see who redeems the gift cards, just that they were in fact redeemed. I think the next best step is to contact Amazon customer service, since it sounds like something may have happened on your end with your email address.

scott lee

Emily Helwig What abuse and disrespect to the community, and when processing the gift card is that all the validations go wrong, will it be that they do so to not give the gift cards? How are they not correcting them until the day, so the possibility of one also to correct the failure? Just tell me if you are eliminating the gift cards and one stops working on you, because those who win are only you, this really bothers me, they give me any excuse and even stores that I have not bought, can you explain me? Yesterday I processed it and my presicion score was 9 and today I get -1

emma hall

Would like to know if you are approving gift cards or this is eliminating Emily Helwig

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