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problems with my score

Good afternoon, it's already the third time I have this problem, every time I'm close to collecting the gift card, I get a lot of points and I go down several levels and I always get the same answer "they are company policies" it does not seem fair that play with the time of the users, since this company is maintained by the users who connect daily and do their work and you as administrators lock our work making it more difficult to provide a good service here


Jusepe Tabera Hi! It looks like you have been penalized for confirmation abuse in the past, but have not made any effort to change your deal posting behavior. In order to receive a gift card you need to create deals rather than simply confirming existing deals.


Dealspotr Support But I do not understand what abuse? if he validated, reactivated and posted deals, and apart from this i always get points or penalize me every time i have a GC in process of approval, i mean this is his modus operandis to minimize the costs of the users that give life to the page or am i wrong? And they excuse themselves from everything saying that they are the policies of the page, instead of "penalizing" the users in this way they should, put an option to edit the validations, reactivation or post that is valid a single edition or reduce the level of gain of points, so that they do not arrive so fast to the score required to claim the GC and thus these inconveniences are avoided.