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Question About Accuracy Score

My accuracy score has decreased over the last several months, and I haven't changed my deal posting process. I started with Dealspotr from the beginning and I'm extremely careful in what I post. My accuracy score is 60%, which seems to indicate that 40% of my deals are inaccurate and I find that difficult to believe. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Angie Bailey

Vicki Floyd Same here with me....and my Influence Score has really dropped recently, making me ineligible for most of the campaigns.

Vicki Floyd

Angie Bailey I realize that some of my deals may have small inaccuracies (wrong info from the merchant, deal is extended, etc.), but not a whopping 40% having inaccuracies!


Vicki Floyd Hi Vicki, Dealspotr's algorithm changed last month to elimiate outliers that affected influence scores. That being said, everyone's scores changed/shifted to adjust for the new calculation. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused, however, please note it happened to everyone and not just your account. Thank you!

Vicki Floyd

Andie Schilstra Hey there - I didn't feel singled out, I just find it difficult to understand how 40% of my deals could have inaccuracies. That just doesn't sound possible with as careful as I am. Thanks for your reply! I could understand maybe 1 or 2 deals out of 20 having issues, but 4 out of 10? It sounds inaccurate to me.

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