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Rafflecopter vs. Gleam or Woobox: which is the best giveaway tool?

Running a giveaway is a fun way to get visitors of your site excited and keep traffic up. But which tool is the best for this? Share your favorite here!


Dealspotr Support I actually like Givaway Tools the best. One of the main reasons is because the users won't have to open a new page to tweet or follow most outlets. I also did a survey with my readers once on which one they liked best and Giveaway Tools won by a landslide. I used to use rafflecopter, but Gleam and Woobox I never used myself. My readers said they had issues entering on other sites (freezing, loosing entries, etc), so I never bothered.


Laura The survey of your readers is interesting! I'll have to check out Giveaway Tools!


Dealspotr Support I user rafflecopter (the free option). I haven't tried any of the other options since I am happy with the ease of use of rafflecopter and how easy I can "duplicate" past giveaway options for a new one.