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I have seen how there are users who only dedicate themselves to reactivations and very few publications of new codes or offers. To those users they make their normal payment ?? Are they really useful to the community? And not to mention the user @ saint11 that his abuse of reactivations is giant. If they are not useful, because they are still active on the page? They only harm those who really care about keeping the page active and with publications that are useful.


Daniel Star

Hello Daniel

I do not think this LACK OF RESPECT by the moderators of Dealspotr who do not punish this user who does what he wants in this reactive platform in non-human conditions.

It is not helpful this user to the community should close the account as he has done with many colleagues who do not look at 10% of what he has done and continues to commit violations.

Hopefully someone reads this and there is justice.

If Emily were there or Victoria David had already taken action but these new moderators do not do what they should.

Daniel Star

Bolivar Lauren Nelson

It is very true. Victoria or Emily were a little more attentive with these types of complaints! I don't care how bad the job is doing, what matters to me is that as an active user, if I make a single mistake they penalize me with 2 levels even though I think my posts are more useful