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Repeal posts that you think were flagged unfairly?

I think it might be nice if there could be a way to repeal if someone flags your post and you think it's not fair... I just had a post get flagged because someone couldn't find the deal I posted. I checked and it's on there... I didn't have the direct link, I edited the post so it would take someone directly there now but my post's rating was still low which really messes things up cause most likely people won't be able to see it like that. Oh yeah, and 2 points were taken away from my accuracy score, THANKS A LOT! I worked really hard to get it up to where it was. Really disappointed.

April Ward

I just got hit again, 3 in a row. This is VERY irritaing and frusterating! Someone needs to explain very specifically what I'm doing wrong instead of giving me some generic message like "there was a problem with your tip such as (grammar, spelling, or incomplete valiation)", well which is it? Ok, I admit one of them I probably should have said something different. But for most I need to know EXACTLY what I did wrong. Otherwise it doesn't seem right to me. The whole flagging thing needs to be fixed so it's better, a lot more specific.

Emily Helwig

Who cares? Hi!

For these deals:


Instead of saying you got the same email, you could try adding more info on how to redeem the deal/find the deal, and then include a screenshot of the email or deal on the site.

As for the fish food deal, I validated this and changed the URL - when you're following a link directly through an email, it usually is a very long bulky URL that includes tracking info from your personal email address. If you go to the site to try to find the deal yourself, the URL becomes shorter and then looks less suspicious to the site moderators.

Let me know if you have any other questions!! Hopefully this helped for now.

April Ward

Emily Helwig I meant to say that I didn't have a direct link on there originally but I edited it and added a direct link after I got flagged because someone couldn't find the deal. So I think there should be a way to repeal a flagged post for reasons such as this. It was on there but someone just couldn't find it, I fixed the problem now. But just because someone couldn't find it, doesn't mean the deal is invalid.

April Ward

Emily Helwig I'm sorry to keep pestering about this but I've found that I'm getting flagged a lot recently, and it's getting ridiculous. I'm getting flagged more then I'm getting raises in my accuracy score, it's like one step forward 2 steps back now ever since this website changed. I think the moderators are getting a little too "flag happy" or something. Past couple days it's been about screenshots, that they don't "validate" my deal. Normally I would just take a screenshot of the email I get but yesterday I've been doing extra work by adding items to my cart to show the deal actually works and I STILL got flagged! It's just very frusterating! There was nothing wrong with the screenshot. Every day I get more frusterated with this site, it needs fixing. And I know I'm not the only one with this problem.

Emily Helwig

Who cares? Hi! I did a quick check of your account. In the past week you've only lost points on 3 deals (remember, moderators can send you a note about something incorrect with your deal, but you won't always lose points). Two of them were because you stated that you received the same email, but didn't show proof. I think we had talked about that before, but if you want to just do a tip and not leave a screenshot, you just have to be a tiny bit more torough in the description!

As far as this deal (the last one you were dinged for), I can't seem to find the issue with your screenshot. I'm thinking maybe they saw the 7% off of the order you created, and didn't think it was correct - however I see that you put "up to 20% off." I'll enlist the help of David Lao once more!

April Ward

Emily Helwig My score was 38 until I started getting hit with flags, it's 31 now, so yeah I've been losing points. It's the first thing I notice when I load the page is what my score is, so whenever I check and it went down I'm just like "what happened this time?". I've been paying attention that almost every time I get flagged I lose 2 points on my score. The screenshot in question showed the item was discounted and it was free shipping, so I don't know what the problem was. If I have a deal that a moderator approves I only get 1 point raise in my accuracy score, while getting flagged brings you down 2. So even though I've had a few raises I'm still in the decline. My point being it seems like it's been harder to earn accuracy points then it is to lose them. So there's a few things that frusterate me.