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Score Drop Drastically

Hi! My score dropped from 12 to 3 today?

Can I ask what is going on? Nothing has changed on my end with social channels or engagement.



Michelle thibeault I have had this same issue - and have seen this question posted by multiple people in the forums but no answers. I hope they resolve this soon because my score dropped a lot as well and I was wondering what I did wrong.


Michelle thibeault That happened to me too! And now I am earning less for posts because of the lower score. I keep successfully completing campaigns and my score gets lower and lower!


Michelle thibeault

I think you just need to reverify your social media accounts and the system will re-calculate the score


Michelle thibeault Hi everyone! Thanks for letting me know. I haven't seen these posts so I'm sorry for the delay. It is normal for your score to fluctuate slightly (a couple points here an there). I'm sorry if that's frustrating or disappointing, but our algorithm is sensitive and varies from post to post constantly updating. The metric is based on how your followers interact with what you share, not just whether the brand loves the content you post or not.  It could be something as simple as fewer people interacted than previously. We do our best to make sure this is an accurate representation of performance and social influence, and I'm sorry if you feel otherwise. 

I will take note and see if there's anything that could be causing this from the tech side of things and the feedback is always appreciated. We will also consider the brands value and input on the content as well for the future so there's more conversion from campaign to campaign. In the meantime, double check that all social accounts that you have connected have a score for you on your profile.

I wish that I could offer more assistance, and I apologize that I can't.