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score penalty

I was penalized with a publication for the following reason: the information about your agreement was incorrectly entered or omitted. Today I go back to the page and the offer continues, exactly as I published it, I was lowered the score for something I did not do

annex image extracted today from the page


Another example of unjustified penalty is that of the following publication, free CI Smiley Tin Sign with web orders over $ 99 at Cigars International (Site-wide) was flagged for the following reason: Edit is invalid (eg the changes were incorrect, the edit was unhelpful, the edit did not change anything on the deal.).
I would like someone to tell me specifically where the error is. again unjustified penalties


Ana This was rejected because of improper capitalization in the title.


Ana For your Barnes and Noble deal, your expiration date was off because the photo says "final days," so the expiration was likely not a month away. Also, you did not provide a link to this deal.