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Secret savings hack contest for March 30: Win a $25 gift card to Best Buy!

Attention all savings hackers! As last weeks contest shows, you dealspotrs are experts at knowing secret ways to save money at popular retailers. Let's do another fun weekly contest to see who can come up with the most unique, helpful, and little-known savings hack at a new retailer.

This week's store is Best Buy. What's your #1 inside hack for saving money at Best Buy? What's one tip for getting a bigger discount that most people would never know?

Last week's contest for Macy's brought us some amazing hacks, and Jenilee Dunson took home the prize. Check it out here.

Share your hack for this week here in this thread by 12 p.m. PST, Thursday, March 30. Try to keep your hack to 100 words or fewer. Include any screenshots as needed. Limit one post per person. We'll compile your contributions into a "top savings hacks" blog post & share on our social channels. See the post from last week here. The influencer with the most unique, insightful, and helpful tip this week will win a $25 gift card to Best Buy.

We're looking forward to seeing your hacks!


Dealspotr Support Did you know you can create a wedding registry at Best Buy? Believe it or not you can register for electronics and large appliances. Do you need a new refrigerator or stove more than dishes and bed linens, then skip registries at typical department stores and opt for a Best Buy registry instead!

Choose an appliance or high priced television and your guests can contribute any amount they'd like to the overall cost using a group gifting option. That means many guests can pitch in to help buy something you really want or need.

Best of all Best Buy offers a 10 percent discount so the registered couple can buy anything remaining on their registry! Match that with a sale and you'll save a ton of money!

Emily Helwig The number 1 hack for Best Buy is that Best Buy will actually price match most other retailers, including Amazon.com! In the past, people would always go to Best Buy and look at items, then buy them on Amazon, but now with price match, you can look at them, and then buy them on site.

It's a great way to get your TV same day, way faster than Prime!

Here's the policy: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/help-topics/best-buy-low-price-guarantee/pcmcat297300050000.c?id=pcmcat297300050000

(PS- Students also get great deals at Best Buy, but that's for another tip!)


Dealspotr Support My best tip for Best Buy is to make sure that you review all of the items that you purchase from them. When you review purchases, you get points. 250 points = $5 reward certificate. Reward certificates are coupons for discounts off future purchases.

Alex White

Dealspotr Support

When you go into a Best Buy store, it could help you a lot to have an idea of what you’re looking for. Go online first and do some research to figure out what features are important to you for the item you’re looking to buy. When you go into the store, the clerks helping you will likely try to sell you extras like extended warranties, so having an idea of what you want will help prevent you from purchasing unnecessary extras.

You can also shop their refurbished site called CowBoom and even the Best Buy Outlet (both online) where you can find some deep discounts.  You might even try the Best Buy Ebay store where they offer some of their same discounts as on their website (even if the website shows that it is out of stock).

Best Buy has a program called My Best Buy Rewards.  It is completely free to join and you earn points on every purchase made.  When you earn 250 points, you will receive a $5 reward certificate (or gift card) which you can redeem on anything at Best Buy.

Best Buy Cardholder get even more from this program! You will earn 5% back in rewards when you shop using your card.  There are also special invitations extended only to cardholders which will get you early access to special sales and events.

If you are a frequent Best Buy Shopper and happen to spend anywhere from $1500 – $3500 in annual purchases, you will be upgraded to the Elite or ElitePlus membership.  These members enjoy additional perks such as free expedited shopping, extended return policies and increased rewards points.

 Gamers will also want to make sure they sign up for the My Best Buy Gamers Club to get even more benefits including double points on new video games, accessories and digital content.  A 2 year paid membership scores even additional perks such as 20% off of new video games, 10% off of pre-owned games and even a 10% bonus trade-in credit.

If an item that you’re looking to buy is out of stock at your local store but is available online, you can have it shipped to your local store for free. You could also choose to have something sent to a store closer to a friend or family member for free. So for example, if you need to order something for your college kid, have it shipped to the Best Buy nearest them without charge using Friends & Family Pickup.

Before you shop, make sure you head to sites like RetailMeNot and Coupons.com to find promotional codes that could save you 20% or more on your purchase at Best Buy.



Dealspotr Support So you got a Best Buy gift card, but you're just not a techie. You're not into the latest stereo system, your iPhone is older than your child, and computers make you want to run away screaming. So what to buy?

Use your gift card to buy a gift card! Best Buy stores have kiosks where they stock gift cards for all different kinds of things: restaurants, iTunes, Google Play, movies and more. So if you'd rather have a snack than a stereo, an appetizer rather than an appliance, a craft beer rather than a computer...choose a gift card with your gift card!


Paul Kappel Hey Paul! We will be sending you a Best Buy gift card some time next week. Just make sure your email is up to date on your account!