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Something is happening

Good evening, I have noticed with concern that I have not increased the accuracy score with the same frequency as before, in these last days, and that only the increase some days slowly of 1 in 1; In addition to the scores obtained with each added or reactivated promotional code, they have been very low, I obtained higher scores with an Accuracy Score much lower than the current one. This situation discourages me a lot, since I see that my efforts are not being well compensated, I would like to know what is happening. In addition, they removed the Influencer function, without considering my new status; My opinion on this is that: limiting someone due to geographical conditions is a form of social discrimination, it is similar to racism, a kind of classism; and the world is constantly evolving and there are patterns that we should not follow. Remember that they are not healthy for the new business and the optimistic society, distance is not a barrier that today can not overcome digital marketing, social networks, among others. I hope to be heard, and evaluate my current situation, thank you.