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Special Note: Please allow up to one week to process all gift cards and rewards redemptions.

While we do pride ourselves on a quick turnaround process for your rewards points redemptions, there may be up to a 7 business day delay before you receive your gift card. We thank you for your patience.


Emily Helwig I have 33000 rewards points so that I can receipt $30. Can I withdraw through Paypal. Because $30 Amazon gift card is worthless for me.


Emily Helwig  Hello good morning, I checked my mail again and in the Inbox and spam, to make sure if I get the serial of the gift card and I have not yet obtained it, it is possible that they can return to send me mail, is still the same serial you have registered in the system after all or at least the possibility that can reapply for the score that accumulate for that gift card?


Emily Helwig Hello good evening, I saw the message in page that you sent me the gift card, but I do not get my email, you can help me?


Wendy Hedrich Hi Wendy! We had a small technical difficulty last night and some of the cards didn't make it out. It should be sent out today!


Wendy Hedrich For sure! It will definitely be later today, not this morning. I will send you a personal message when they get sent out.


2 weeks and it has not arrived yet. could you help me please.?


Emily Helwig I have been waiting for my gift card by 7days and it have not arrive yet. could you help me please.?


My gift card is delayed 2 weeks ... HELP ME


Emily Helwig

Hello how are you.?

I have a question my account was at -20 which I can not do any post but besides that I still gain points of referrals. If my account gets to complete the missing points to ask for a giftcard I would be sent.?


Emily Helwig hello, My account is not new, why can not I claim my $ 10 card?


Emily Helwig I joined dealspotr not long ago, and want to know how to verify that the deal's code could work


Emily Helwig

I requested twice a giftcard, the first request you adjusted -800 points and second request you adjusted -1000, for my this is a double penalty and your notifications is not clear what th reason for these penalities?

Now, my question is if I reques for three time this giftcard you make an adjustment again?

I wait for your prompt response.



hello from 23/9 says that my card was sent and the date on my email has not arrived, please could you review my case thanksEmily Helwig


Emily Helwig HI on 28/9 my gift card says it was sent but in my email I have never received it, it is not in spam either, please could take note of my problem, thanks

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