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Success startegies for brands & influencers working together

For both brands and microinfluencers, it matters what they do in a partnership.


1. Try to become the brand's customer as soon as possible by buying at least one unit of their product or service. Ask for a discount if you must. This should especially be done if you get a good response from your followers for any particular brand. This gives you insight into the brand's customer service and engagement programs, this way you can much find better conversions.

2. Read some books on selling and develop knowledge on growing your personal brand and contribution. My favorite is Sales EQ by Jeb Blount. It really matters how you communicate and what you think, books clarify doubts and provide new ways of thinking.


1. Recognize good performers and add a proper incentive. For maximum use of a influencers following, they should a. Believe in your product and b. It should be worth their while. The prices on dealspotr are great but think of extending the relationship in the real world. For example, can you identify leads coming out of an influencer automatically? What if that lead was a distributor and you made $10,000 from the lead. I believe this happens a lot, and its good strategy to reward a channel that produces result. So sign them up as affiliates with life-long commissions to further work with the brand more closely.

2. Pretty much what I said above!

Affiliate link (Sales EQ by Jeb Blount): https://amzn.to/3aW3UTS