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Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MySurvey? Which paid survey site do you use and why?

We all like earning a little extra cash on the side - what's your go-to survey site?


Dealspotr Support The only survey site that I use is Pinecone Research. I've been with them for over 15 years now. They pay a flat fee per survey, plus occastionally send products you can test. They only accept new people occasionally. I have tried Swagbucks, but it took me thee years to get a $5 gift card. I tried using them for researching, but they just don't give very good results, so I always wind up on Google anyway.


Laura I didn't have much luck with swagbucks either. I don't think I'm active enough to benefit!


Dealspotr Support I use Swagbucks #1, but not for surveys, for searching and earning points when I search. Plus I'm an influencer on there so I get bonus opportunities. I also use CashCrate every once in a great while since I have been paid from them, but they have went down over the years so I've slacked off. And my other main one is Pinecone Research since they, too, have proven to be legit.


Dealspotr Support To be honest, I haven't found one I love... I've tried a few here and there but it seems to take forever to actually earn anything. Hopefully I'll find some worth trying in this thread though!


Randi Sampson Honestly if you research the forums, you will find that the way to generate $$$ faster is through paid surveys, however, I have made very good monthly earnings on "Dealspotr", Emily Helwig maybe they should create a "Dealspotr" survey jajaja. Well to the point, I use ValuedOpinions your minimum charge is 20$ but they charge a % of your profit so you have to generate about 22 or 23$ to be able to withdraw the GC, it takes about 5 or 6 days to generate 23$. All Through surveys.


Axcel Rojas That seems a reasonable amount, but that amount can be done here pretty easily with a very high accuracy score and a few hours of infinite validations. I really like this site, I really love it, I haven't seen anything like this, so I will stick to Dealspotr until the end.

April Ward

Dealspotr Support All of those... and they aren't even the best ones... I signed up with over 10 different sites, I lost count. Oddly enough the really popular ones are usually sucky. IPSOS for example, heard about it on so many blogs but I've made like less then $2 in the 4 or so months I've been with them. Maybe it's different person to person but for me it's lousy so I don't recommend.


Dealspotr Support Interesting thread, is there any site similar to this one, or AT LEAST one site that pays the effort, I have tried captchas and other stuff but the income is so low and the work is so much that is not even worth it. I like this page because it is pretty straightforward and the tasks here are very easy to do. What other site can be used as a source of income assuming part-time or full-time applied?


Dealspotr Support I recommend you Opinion Outpost. Why? In OO are surveys of different types. With lots of variety. Payments are made quickly. The interface is very friendly... and they pay between 0.50 and 5 dollars depending of the duration of the survey.


Dealspotr Support Swagbucks is my favorite. I make about $200 a month with them. I am an influencer with them and I have a ton of referrals so that really makes the difference for me. However, I have heard from a lot of people that they make much more.